Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pom Liked Uranus

Today Zabol Salfa and I went to Uranus which is the seventh planet from the Sun and the third largest in this solar system By Pom's calculations we found out, the first nine rings of Uranus were discovered in 1977. The rings of Uranus are made differently from those of Jupiter and Saturn. The outermost ring is composed mostly of ice boulders several metres across. A lot of fine dust also seems to be spread throughout the ring system. The dust made me sneeze 1 549 times. Uranus was discovered by Earthlings in 1781. It is a long, long, long way from the Sun, the actual distance is 2 870 990 000km! Uranus is made out of water, liquid hydrogen with a rocky core. This is not the spot to visit if you have Galaction Clasios. Uranus is quite odd to the other planets becase unberleverbly it spins on it's side( that's probably why it has a ring going around north to south ways). The jelly lebulines are delicious and I think Pom been sneaking them to eat.

Encounter with Earthlings on Earth

Today Imzadi and I landed on Earth. Some Earthlings in the country called France invited us out to lunch. We had something they called embrume des jambes et des escargots.They taste like nothing we have ever eaten on Unosis. All slimy and gooey.The average temperature on Earth is only 15oC so we were quite cold.We secretly took samples of soil and rock to study back on Unosis. As night came when the Earth turned around on it's axis we saw the stars twinkling above us. But the stars do not really twinkle according to our discoveries. The blurred atmosphere of Earth seems to make the stars twinkle but they are really still. We are off to Venus next. More detail soon.

From Imzadi and Columbia Saturn

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Jupiters Best Hotel

I can't believe it, the earthlings said it was cold? Jupiter was quite warm for us and we loved the gas baths. The rest of the time we were observing everything. We visited the red spot and thought it was a nice massage. We then went to walk on the rings which felt quite nice in between our claws and one toe. We put on our swimmers and bathed and swam around in the hot lava. For dinner, we travelled to one of the asteriod belt rocks for takeaway Jupiter food. We bought Jupiter Juice, salad slugs and roar meat with raw egg on top. We then travelled back and ate our food. Then we put our swimmers on and slept on the comfortable lava beds at the Fiery Rock Hotel which was nice and warm so we wouldn't get cold over night.
from zeb and B. Micobo

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

having so much fun on Saturn

On Frodday, we just arrived on Saturn which is a beautiful orange planet. It is the second largest planet in the solar system and is made out of liquid and gas so there is nothing to do besides fight through the roaring winds around Saturn's equator at 1,800 km per hour. We have to get under something quick because on Saturn when it rains, it rains liquid helium, today sir Zappo hit he poor little toe on a rock which is quite unusual beacause there shouldn't be any rocks on Saturn, anyway having a great time
from sir Zappo and sir Bengi

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Venus the best planet in the Milky Way

Today Halaya and I landed on Venus. Our two space crafts joined together while we were passing Earth. I don't know what those Earthlings mean when they say that Venus is extremly hot. We both think that 460 degrees celcius is quite nice. A little bit hotter than Unosis but I think I might get a tan. The landscape on Venus is dry and desilate AND WE LOVE IT!!! The volcanos are a great place to have a bath and the venusquakes make a very good massage.
We love it here on Venus but we wish that we were there for Yass Day. I can taste those acid-slugs now.
Love Illjay and Halaya

Mercury, the 2 time planet

On Yatday we went to Mercury the closest planet to the Sun, we had to wear lots of thermal protection because of all the heat. We had to wear thermal protection because in the daytime the temperatures can reach a scorching 430 degreese, but at night it can get as low as minus 170 degreese. The reason why it gets so hot in the daytime is because it is the closest planet to the Sun and the reason why it gets so cold at night is because there is no air to trap heat. We met an alien and he had 500 heads all over his body, his name was Alchin, he lived on Mercury and was 3005 years old. He told us that his age was so huge because he was born on Mercury and he grew 2 years older each day!!!!!!!!
Ftwon and Adhara

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


On Edsendway at 2:00am we visited Pluto in our one million dollar fast space shuttle, so it only took two and a half days for us to get there.
The temperature was at a freezing cold -230 degrees or so it said on our thermometer. We were so used to the temperature of a scorching 480 degrees on Unosis that we had to wear twenty thermal pairs of underwear an clothing, and don't forget those good old handy socks.
We met a Plutonian in his little hover craft,who actually lived on Charon which pluto's moon. He told us that Charon is very dim and also that Pluto is 5 913 520 000 km away from the sun.
And did you know that on the way to Pluto, we saw a meteorite hit Jupiter and fell right through it's gassy surface and hit it's rocky core.

Arabella Naib and Regina Fortis

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Welcome to the Unosis Space Council Space Blog

Greetings all space cadets.

You have been assigned to visit the nearby galaxy "The Milky Way" to learn more about its solar system and how the lives of Earthlings are affected. You have been sent to find out all that you can. Report back to the council by the telepathic system of sending space messages called 'blogging".

You should report any interesting events or knowledge that you discover. The council would also like to know about your travel experiences so far.

May the Force be with you,

Commander Obi Four Shawnobi.